Holy Tabernacle Outreach Mission, Inc., Founded 1985

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Outreach Services

Chaplain Corps of America is an extension of Holy Tabernacle Outreach Ministry--a 501(c)(3) exempt organization. We are a non-profit, charitable outreach ministry. Our uniformed and non-uniformed services are offered to private citizens, and community agencies (e.g., police, fire, hospitals, hospices, social services, prisons, other ministries, and mortuaries.)

The focus of this outreach endeavor is ''Bring America to its Knees'' (Chr. 7:14). We are doing this by taking the Gospel of Christ to the field--in many cases deserts. We feed the hungry with bread, and manna (The Word of God). In other words...WE HAVE CHURCH in a vast and ever populated venue--the outdoors. Our uniformed and non-uniformed members and volunteers seek out those hidden within the community and/or tall buildings. We also participate in traditional worship services. We love the Lord, Jesus, and want to tell the world! Through our evangelism program, we witness on streets, in homes, in hospitals--wherever Christ leads. We are EXCITED about the free gift of salvation--and hope you are too. ''IF YOU WERE TO FACE GOD TODAY, DO YOU KNOW WITH CERTAINTY THAT YOU WILL GO TO HEAVEN?'' YOU CAN KNOW, read 1 John 5:13.

Exciting Programs: LOVE, RESPECT, AND DIGNITY: We officiate at funeral and/or Internment Services for low-income families at no cost. We also offer such services to mortuaries, and cemeteries for those souls only identified by God. SENIOR OUTREACH: We offer typing, letter writing, mailing, prayer, and other pastoral services to those in convalescence. Some other services we offer are Educational Outreach, and *Deaf Services. *when available

Subsidiaries Of Holy Tabernacle Outreach Mission

Holy Tabernacle Outreach Mission, Incorporated a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit religious organization was organized in Twentynine Palms, California in 1985. The ministry served military personnel stationed at MCAGCC. In 1992, Holy Tabernacle Outreach Mission was incorporated in the State of Nevada in 1992 (current). It received official 501c3 status soon thereafter (current). The Tabernacle (HTOM) is parent company of The Chaplain's Corp of America, est. 1993, the Tabernacle Leadership Seminiary, est. 2010 and the Tabernacle Alliance Ministries and Community Partners, INC., 2015,. The senior officer and spiritual leader is Bishop Dr. Terry Criner, who serves as the organizational rank of Lieutenant General (January 1, 2017). The National Pastors: Pastor Loretta Criner (Brigadier General), and Pastor Teresa Bias (Brigadier General).

Holy Tabernacle Outreach Mission, Inc.4357 Corporate Center, Ste. 410, N. Las Vegas, NV 89030 1-888-523-HTOM
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