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Leadership Seminary: Certificate Programs

1. Pastoral Certificate

2. Christian Workers Certificate

3. Biblical Studies Certificate (Fall II, 2017, Oct. 17-)

4. Prison and Hospital Chaplain Certificate

5. Organization Leader


21 Hours

The Core Curriculum is required for entry into any TAMCP certificated and/or degree plan at any level.

Students who have completed any of these courses may request a waiver when proof of completion is provided.

•Prayer Essentials

oThis is a course that gives a step-by-step guide to building a church that prays. Gives methods to intentionally build prayer into the life and structure of the church as well as personal life.

•Old Testament Survey

oThe text of this course is a widely used narrative survey of the Old Testament. This study is for college freshmen and sophomores whose primary educational modality has been visual. It is also used as a refresher for established Christians who may be entering higher levels of study, but have not formally taken a course like this one.

•New Testament Survey

oThis course is a most enlightening look not only of the written Word of the New Testament, but for the examination of backgrounds and historical accounts of leaders of relevant eras. The text is excellent. It is clearly written and makes abundant use of visuals.

•Books of the Bible Memory Lesson (2 Credit Independent Study)

oThis is an audio/CD lesson by Bishop Terry Criner. The Blessed Bible Book Memory Lesson c2012 uses humor, anecdotes, and pneumonic strategies and more in order to help you learn to recall and/or review both Old and New Testaments books in order. Although some liberties are taken, this historical fictional presentation is both humorous and effective. (Available for download soon at ejunkie.com, www.holytabernacleoutreach.org, or call 702-664-2078, opt.2)

•Basic Christian Theology

oA study that introduces the major doctrines of the Christian faith by showing how these doctrines answer questions that arise naturally in the minds of individuals. It is an excellent core for many areas of advanced study.

•Christian Scripture

oChristian Scripture is an unapologetically biblical, confessional and evangelical study. The evangelical tradition is a movement that developed for the Great Awakenings in Northern Europe and North America.

•Spiritual Warfare

oThis course is designed for all Christians, babies or seasoned ministers of the Gospel. It will give insight to the spiritual war that is waging and will help prepare the student to face that war with confidence. The enemies of the Cross are exposed — not as opponent of flesh and blood, but as the spiritual principalities and powers they are.

•Spiritual warfare 2

oThis is a taped course by Dr. Dana Carpenter. It is not the same as above, but can be used as a substitute.

•Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics

oThis course evaluates the various systems of interpretation, introduces the field of hermeneutics, describes the various levels of meaning, examines the basic principles and practice of biblical exegesis and analyzes the historical tradition

Biblical Studies Certificate

32 Hours (Required Basic Course of Study)

•Prayer Essentials

For course description, please see above

•Old Testament Survey

For course description, please see above

•New Testament Survey

For course description, please see above

•Books of the Bible Memory Lesson

For course description, please see above

•Basic Christian Theology

For course description, please see above

•The Effective Minister of Education

This course contains essential information for those preparing to serve as a director of education. It discusses the calling, the qualifications, the roles, the responsibilities and the rewards of Christian Education.

•Chronology of Christ

Studies Scripture and extra-biblical sources to determine key dates in the life of Christ. Examines the date of his birth, the commencement of his ministry, the duration of his ministry, the day and year of his crucifixion. Bibliography and index. Biblical Studies, Life and Teachings of Christ

•Sermon on the Mount

This audio taped course by Dr. Dana Carpenter goes into the depths of the teachings of Christ during the Sermon on the Mount.

•The Works of Jesus

This course traces the events of Jesus’ life from his birth to his ascension. It frequently cites the best of other works written about Christ. It contains an expanded outline of the life of Christ, historical and geographical background material, indexes, and studies on the Life and Teachings of Christ.

•Origins of the Bible

The text of this course includes over 300 pages of facts, historical tracings and references concerning the origin of the biblical canon. The student will gain valuable insight and respect from those who paid great prices to follow God’s plan of recording His Holy Word.

•Biblical Geography

This course is designed for students at any level. It gives a geographical look at Bible places, past and present. The textbook presents artists’ reconstructions which portray fourteen sites from the Old and the New Testaments – including Jericho and the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem – as they looked in biblical and modern times.

Cost: ($25.00 per credit hour)

First donation amount: $150.00

One-time outreach amount:

One-time application fee: $50.00

Affiliation Member: -$50.00

Total donation amount: $200.00 or $150.00

Donation/Payment Options:

1. you may also make your donations for classes on pay pal (bottom of homepage of this site: www.holytabernacleoutreach.org 2. Cash, Check or Money Order (Call 702-664-2078, opt 2 or 888-523-4866 (HTOM), opt 2) for more details. Payment options are available!

Amazing Special Group Rates:

(does not include cost of books or other materials)

Group Size: 3 to 5 tuition: 35% Off ($ 97.50 each student, per five week session) Group Size: 6 to 9 tuition: 50% Off ($75.00 each student, per five week session) Group Size: 10 and up 60% Off ($60.00 each student, per five week session)

You will be enrolled in two classes per 5 week session. You will be expected to read and participate in class discussions and assignments. Each class is a 3 credit hour course. This is an intensive course of study. So, your work at TAM&CP will be challenging, but the rewards are great. You will receive a coveted Tabernacle Alliance of Ministries and Community Partner's Official Certificate to be used to further you Christian education and for ecclesiastical licensing.

Remember, our doors are always open to you if you need help or have comments on how we can make TAM&CP better.



This document supersedes previous syllabus. Note: important changes to course schedule have been made.

Registration form has been sent out this week. Please complete the form and email it back as an attachment to: tcriner321@aol.com. If you need a form sent a request via email. The physical classes are limited, so please apply right away. The new session begins Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 12n sharp. On site enrollment begins at 11a.m. Use the links under ''required texts'' to order your books now! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bishop Criner immediately.

Who should take these classes? All Tabernacle Members 18 and older should attend these classes. All TAM&CP Pastors are asked to enroll, as well as encourage prospective leaders (elders, ministers, deacons, Sunday School Teachers, etc.). A High School Diploma is required, please provide a copy of your diploma or high school transcripts. If you cannot provide the HS Diploma or transcripts you may obtain a waiver by writing a single page, doubled spaced Testimonial Essay, which is due by the third week of class. Notify the instructor if a waiver is needed or preferred.

Course Prefix: Fall 2015, Section Number: 2

Course Title: Prayer Essentials and Old Testament Survey

Instructor Name: Bishop Terry Criner

Office Location: 910 Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Phone Number: 702-664-2078

Email Address: tcriner321@aol.com, 24 Hrs.

Office Hours: Tues-Sat 3pm-5pm, text 8am-5pm (702-834-2192)

Course Description: Prayer Essentials (concurrent class) with Old Testament Survey Class begins: Oct. 17 through Nov. 21 (Thanksgiving Weekend off) these classes will focus on the essential elements of prayers and what it takes to effect consecrated prayer. The second course in this session will provide a surface look at the Old Testament. A leadership component is added and designed to prepare you and/or your organization for real world experiences. The leadership component's emphasis will be on Leadership Skills, Qualities/Traits and Vision (making it plain), ''Setting Up Aspects'' and real world application. This will be a group/independent leadership ''real world'' experience workshop. These classes are highly recommended for current pastors, ministers and who are seeking licensing and/or ordination, as well as for entrepreneurs, and current business owners who are Scripturally based life-long learners. This is a five week, 6 credit hour course. Please do not bring children to the classes as they will be distracting to the learners.

Weekly Online Blog Posting: As part of the class academic and participation requirements, students are to participate in one weekly blog postings. The posting will reflect your thoughts about assigned reading or listening experiences. Additionally, students are required to respond to at least one other student’s post. Each posting is to be completed no later than the Friday prior to the upcoming class. There in not post required for the first class (October 17, 2015). Postings will not be required during expressed holidays and/or breaks. The weekly post should be Spiritually driven, thoughtful, insightful, and considerate. The blog, for the purposes of TAMCP Classes will not be used as a platform to insult others, berate or otherwise belittle another's efforts, but it is designed to share, to enlighten and to seek understanding. AUP applies (see acceptable use policy at the end of this document).

Long Distant / Homebound Learners: This course is open to long distant and Homebound learners. These students are expected to actively participate during class via conference. They are also required to participate in weekly blog postings, as well as complete assigned readings and actively participate in class discussions.

Certification: Those who successfully complete these classes will receive a valid certificate of completion representing the credits attributed to each class. Certificates will be used as a part of all Tabernacle ecclesiastical licensing consideration(s). We will no longer license anyone who has not met this requirement, unless otherwise expressed.

Course Pre/Co-requisites, Recommended Preparation: A sound working knowledge of the Bible and general Christian doctrine, practical ministerial and organizational leadership experience, Sunday School, Bible Study Participant and/or teaching. All relevant academic and life experiences. You may be awarded up to 2 Credit hours towards certification for verifiable ecclesiastical experiences.

Required texts, course materials: The Essentials of Prayer: Written by: E. M. Bounds, Glenn Langohr . Narrated by: Glenn Langohr. Length: 3 hrs and 33 mins. Unabridged Audiobook In The Essentials of Prayer, E. M. Bounds explores prayer as it relates to the mind, body and soul of the person. In this Bible and Prayer study; humility, devotion, praise, thanksgiving, and even trouble in our lives, are looked at as opportunities to know God in a deeper way. Introduction by Prayer Warrior and Author Glenn Langohr.

Old Testament Survey Text; Old Testament Survey by Kevin Conner is designed to give a patterned glimpse at each book of the Old Testament. This has been done by applying these ten points to each book: (1) Titles, (2) Author, (3) Date, (4) Key Words and Phrases, (5) Key Verses, (6) Purpose, (7) Message, (8) Outline, (9) Summary, and (10) Christ Seen. Access to PC (or other wifi capable device). Handouts other materials provided or requested as needed.

Materials/Needs: Access to PC (or other wifi capable device). Binder and notebook, post-its, pencil/pen and highlighters. Handouts will be provided as needed. Other materials, not indicated in the class syllabus, will be announced during class.

General Class Format: All classes are on Saturdays at 12n, Class Max Size: 16 excludes long distant and homebound learners). Duration: 2Hrs seat time, General Format: Part I, Prayer Essential Book Study: Lecture, 15 minutes, 30 group activity, 15 minutes closing. Part II, Old Testament Survey: Lecture, 15 minutes, 30 group activity, 15 minutes closing. Groups will receive leadership component to bring back to next class to discuss. Location: Tabernacle/Conference.

Course Objectives: Student will be able to state how it is possible to know God in a more powerful way. Students will be able to effectively discuss the essential elements and apply them to their personal testimonies/life. Students will learn all Old Testament Books in the Bible and state the general topic of each book. Students will present at least one lesson, as a group as part of the class leadership component (details provided during class).

Unique class procedures /structures: Prayer Essentials Lecture, 15 minutes, 30 group activity, 15 minutes closing. Part II, Old Testament Survey: Lecture, 15 minutes, 30 group activity, 15 minutes closing. Groups will receive leadership component to bring back and/or prepare for next call to discuss or present. Leadership group/independent work will be required during each 5 week session.

Description of Course Requirements: Participation by onsite and distant learners is essential. Please come to class prepared to discuss assigned reading materials. All leadership group/independent work is required to be returned and/or presented on time. There are no exams or quizzes. Any and all projects, as well as discussions will contribute to your final grade.

Grading Criteria, Scale, and Standards: Pass/Fail

Policies regarding late work and make-up exams: Arrangements to turn in late work or class makeup must be made with instructor. Except for extreme emergencies, you will be allowed to miss only one class each 5 week period It is essential to attend each class offered. There shall be no refunds given to students who fail or are dropped because of chronic absenteeism.

Course Calendar/Topics Outline: Required readings will be assigned, and due dates will be given in class and/or sent electronically.

Statement on Academic Dishonesty: ''Cheating, plagiarism or otherwise obtaining grades under false pretenses constitute academic dishonesty according to the code of the TAM&CP Seminary. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and penalties can include canceling a student's enrollment without a grade, giving an F for the course or for the assignment.

Statement of Disability Services: ''Any student with a disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations is requested to speak with the Dean of Students as soon as possible to arrange for appropriate accommodations.''

Statement on Audio and Video Recording: ''Surreptitious or covert video-taping of class or unauthorized audio recording of class is prohibited by law and by the TAM&CP Leadership Seminary Administration policy. This class may be videotaped or audio recorded only with the written permission of the instructor. In order to accommodate students with disabilities, some students may have been given permission to record class lectures and discussions. Therefore, students should understand that their comments during class may be recorded.''

Technology/Acceptable Use Policy (AUP): Tabernacle Alliance of Ministries and Community Partners (TAM&CP) Network incorporates all electronic communication systems and equipment at The Tabernacle Facility and share equipment with nearby affiliate members. TAM&CP Leadership Seminary therefore has established a Network Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) which sets forth the standards by which all Users may use the shared The TAM&CP Network.

The TAM&CP Network is provided to support the Seminary and its mission of education, service, and research. Any other uses (other than permitted personal use as discussed below), including uses that jeopardize the integrity of the TAM&CP Network, the privacy or safety of other Users, or that are otherwise illegal are prohibited. The use of the TAM&CP Network is a revocable privilege.

By using or accessing the TAM&CP Network, Users agree to comply with this AUP and other applicable University policies which may be implemented from time to time, as well as all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Only Users are authorized to use and/or access the TAM&CP Network.

The term “User” refers to any faculty, staff, or student associated with the TAM&CP, as well as any other individual with access to computers or other network devices that have been approved by the Dean of Education for ITS Communication Technologies for connection to the TAM&CP Network. This definition includes, but is not limited to, contractors, visitors, and temporary affiliates.

II. Principles

General requirements for acceptable use of the TAM&CP Network are based on the following principles:

1.Each User is expected to behave responsibly with respect to the University Network and other Users at all times.

2.Each User is expected to respect the integrity and the security of the TAM&CP Network.

3.Each User is expected to behave in a manner consistent with TAM&CP’s mission and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and TAM&CP policies.

4.Each User is expected to be considerate of the needs of other Users by making every reasonable effort not to impede the ability of others to use the TAM&CP Network and show restraint in the consumption of shared resources.

5.Each User is expected to respect the rights and property of others, including privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property.

6.Each User is expected to cooperate with the TAM&CP to investigate potential unauthorized and/or illegal use of the TAM&CP Network.

7.Each User is expected to respect the security and integrity of TAM&CP computer systems and data.

III. Prohibitions

A. Without limiting the general guidelines listed above, unless expressly agreed to by the Chief Information Officer, the following activities are specifically prohibited:

1.Users may not attempt to disguise their identity, the identity of their account or the machine that they are using. Users may not attempt to impersonate another person or organization. Users may likewise not misuse or appropriate the TAM&CP’s name, network names, or network address spaces.

2.Users may not attempt to intercept, monitor, forge, alter or destroy another User’s communications. Users may not infringe upon the privacy of others’ computer or data. Users may not read, copy, change, or delete another User’s data or communications without the prior express permission of such other User.

3.Users may not use the TAM&CP Network in a way that (a) disrupts, adversely impacts the security of, or interferes with the legitimate use of any computer, the TAM&CP Network or any network that the TAM&CP connects to, (b) interferes with the supervisory or accounting functions of any system owned or managed by TAM&CP, or (c) take action that is likely to have such effects. Such conduct, but is not limited to: hacking or spamming, placing of unlawful information on any computer system, transmitting data or programs likely to result in the loss of an individual’s work or result in system downtime, sending “chain letters” or “broadcast” messages to lists or individuals, or any other use that causes congestion of any networks or interferes with the work of others.

4. Users may not distribute or send unlawful communications of any kind, including but not limited to cyber-stalking, threats of violence, obscenity, child pornography, or other illegal communications (as defined by law). This provision applies to any electronic communication distributed or sent within the TAM&CP Network or to other networks while using the University Network.

5.Intentional access to or dissemination of pornography by TAM&CP employees, temporary staff, contractors, or vendors is prohibited at all.

6.Users may not attempt to bypass network security mechanisms, including those present on the TAM&CP Network, without the prior express permission of the owner of that system. The unauthorized network scanning (e.g., vulnerabilities, post mapping, etc.) of the TAM&CP Network is also prohibited. For permission to perform network scans, user must receive prior approval by calling 888-523-HTOM, opt 2 and submitting a Remedy ticket to the Security Office.

7.Users may not engage in the unauthorized copying, distributing, altering or translating of copyrighted materials, software, music or other media without the express permission of the copyright holder or as otherwise allowed by law. Information on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can be found at http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf ( ) and the Copyright Act a t http://www.copyright.gov/title17/.

8.Except as allowed under the Personal Use Policy or the Policy on Use of TAM&CP Resources in Support of Entrepreneurial Activities. Users may not use the TAM&CP Network for private business, commercial or political activities, fundraising, or advertising on behalf of non- TAM&CP organizations, unlawful activities, or uses that violate other TAM&CP policies.

9.Users may not extend or share with public or other users the University Network beyond what has been configured accordingly by ITS Communication Technologies/Networking. Users are not permitted to connect any network devices or systems (e.g., switches, routers, wireless access points, VPNs, and firewalls) to the TAM&CP Network without advance notice to and consultation with ITS Communication Technologies at TAM&CP.

10.Users are responsible for maintaining minimal security controls on their personal computer equipment that connects to the University Network, including but not limited to: current antivirus software, current system patches, and strong passwords. For more detailed information on securing a personal computer or network device, go to http://help.unc.edu/ and search for the keywords “best practices”.

11.Users may not violate any laws or ordinances, including, but not limited to, laws related to copyright, discrimination, harassment, threats of violence and/or export controls.

IV. Review and Penalties

A. TAM&CP reserves the right to review and/or monitor any transmissions sent or received through the TAM&CP Network. TAM&CP access to electronic mail on the TAM&CP Network is permitted in accordance with TAM&CP’s Policy on the Privacy of Electronic Information. Access to other transmissions sent or received through the TAM&CP Network may occur in the following circumstances:

1.in accordance with generally accepted, network-administration practices

2.to prevent or investigate any actual or potential information security incidents and system misuse, if deemed necessary by authorized personnel

3.to investigate reports of violation of TAM&CP policy or local, state, or federal law

4.to comply with legal requests for information (such as subpoenas and public records requests)

5.to retrieve information in emergency circumstances where there is a threat to health, safety, or TAM&CP property involved

B. Penalties for violating this AUP may include:

1.restricted access or loss of access to the TAM&CP Network

2.disciplinary actions against personnel and students associated with the TAM&CP

3.termination and/or expulsion from TAM&CP Leadership Seminary

4.civil and/or criminal liability

TAM&CP, in consultation with its legal counsel, may contact local or federal law enforcement authorities to investigate any matter at its sole discretion.

V. Policy Updates

TAM&CP reserves the right to update or revise this AUP or implement additional policies in the future. Users are responsible for staying informed about TAM&CP policies regarding the use of computer and network resources and complying with all applicable policies. TAM&CP shall provide notice of any such modifications or amendments by email to TAM&CP community. Any such modification shall be effective immediately upon notice being provided regardless of whether subscriber actually reads such notice.


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