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Sis. C. Bias and Food Service Worker

Children will enjoy their daily snack while watching an age appropriate video while the eat. Children will practice blessing their food before eating.

Personal Prayer

Instructors: Bishop T. Criner, Chaplain R. Lopez

Music: Continue ''God is great and God is Good,'' ''Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep,'' and all ''Personal Prayer'' (Rap Performance)

Instructors: Pastor T. Criner, Chaplain R. Lopez

In this class students will learn basic prayers used to talk to God using traditional Prayers. During this session, the focus is on children learning the importance of blessing their food before eating.

Arts and Crafts:

Instructor: Pastor

PastorL. Criner

Children of all ages will continue to create art work that reflects the Theme and Subthemes. Students will also practice blessing their food during this class during snack time. Related: Video

American Sign Language

Instructor: Pastor T.R. Bias

Students will learn about deaf culture in our society. Through using ASL and Biblically based lessons, students will learn that talking to God comes in many languages and forms.

Culminating Activity and Awards (TBD)

All Staff

Parents are invited to watch their children perform the Theme Rap as they show newly learned Signing skills, as well as see their children's displayed Art Word. Parents will be treated to a spaghetti lunch treats to eat with their children. Unescorted children will eat with other children and staff.

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