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Greetings, In the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,

I am Pastor Loretta Criner, National Church First Lady and Co-Pastor. I am looking forward to praising and worshiping God with you in spirit and in truth. I have loved our Lord since being a child. I have not seen or experienced God ever turning His back on me during the thirty-eight years of my dedication to Him. I am truly in love with Jesus! I want you to know, that God will not fail you either. He is the giver of all good things. It is God, through His Son, Jesus Christ that allows us to return to Him and inherit eternal life. Isn’t He wonderful? I enjoy and love God’s people and want to see all return to the House of the Lord. At the Tabernacle Ministries, we have the anointing and power of God operating within our midst. Lives are changed, souls are delivered, yokes are broken, and the Glory of the Lord is being revealed. If you want to experience the POWER of God, through Christ, join us here at the Tabernacle.

God continues to bless in my personal and profession life, in addition to His glorious Plan of Salvation. Superintendent and I are blessed parents of three beautiful young-adult children. On that note, we have been married twenty-eight years, Amen. Professionally, educational related experiences, in general have definitely allowed God to confirm His Spirit within me. As a result, the growth that I am experiencing is positively contributing to the enhancement of my professional teaching career, as well as in the ministry of Christ. I have been an educator for fourteen years. In the past, I have taught sixth-grade life science, adult education and presently, God has placed me in a fifth-grade elementary classroom. This is all possible, because of God’s compassion, mercy, and blessings extended. Do you need and want Christ to work on your behalf? He can, and He will! Give Christ a chance to prove His love.

Pastor Loretta Criner,

National Church Co-Pastor

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