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Monday: Bible Reading 4U w/ Evangelist Teresa Tyler

Join Evangelist Tyler for Bible reading without commentary. You will enjoy feasting on the Word of God as it is accompanied with pleasant music. ABOUT THE HOST: Evangelist Tyler has been a long standing member of the Tabernacle. She has served as Youth Minister, Homeless Outreach, Choir, Percussions and facilitates the Youth Usher Program.

Tuesday: Girl's Talk w/ Pistol!

The Tabernacle Kid's own Pistol Mani'Yah hosts, ''Girls Talk.'' This precotious ten year old, elementary student will pleasantly suprise you with a variety of topics to interest her and insists to know as she is ''growing up fast!'' Join Pistol Mani'Yah weekly on ''Girl's Talk,'' with Pistol!

Wednesday: End Times Analysis and Wednesday Weekly Word w/ Pastor L. Criner

''Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that procedeth out of the mouth of God...''

Are you ready for the End Times? Join Pastor L. and take a practical scriptural look at what to expect to get ready for the exciting End Times according to Biblical Prophecy. You will not have to guess what happens next. ABOUT THE HOST: The dynamic preaching and teaching of National Pastor Loretta Criner of the Tabernacle National Church, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pastor Criner is a co-founder of Holy Tabernacle Outreach Mission, Inc., along with her husband of 31 years, Bishop T. Criner. Pastor L. has a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and a Bachelors in Elementary Education. Pastor Criner is a 6th grade math teacher in one of the largest school districts in the United States. She has been an active Christian since her pre-teen ages. You will know that you have heard the Gospel through a mighty woman in Christ each time you hear her preach, teach or pray. Her Holy Ghost fiery style, conviction, and trust in Jesus emanates through each message. Pastor L. loves God’s people. Amen.

Thursday: ''The Tabernacle Presents''

Join our guests and special presentations, such as ''Launch Your Ministry Watch,'' with Evang. A. Criner, ''Blessed Bible Book Memory,'' with Bishop T. Criner, and Interviews with other ministries. You can get your our copy of our own, ''Blessed Bible Book Memory,'' c2012 at the bottom of the homepage.

National Friday Faith Prayer w/ Evang. Alaina Marie Criner

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. We overcome challenges through meaningful prayer. Matthew 7:7, ''Ask and it shall be given...'' In James 4:2, God's own Word teaches us that ''We have not, because we ask not.'' Friends, we must harness the power of prayer. Join us each Friday for the Tabernacle Ministry's Friday Faith Prayer with Evangelist Alaina Marie Criner. This young women in Christ is blessed with the Spiritual anointing and to petition God with results. She is a prayer warrior and a daily witness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Join Evang. Criner in prayer and challenge that growing faith inside of you--that faith that works. ABOUT THE HOST: Alaina Criner is the National Church Secretary and Aide to the National Prelate. She was a 5th grade teaher and is now a Project Facilitator in a large school district. Alaina has earned a BA in Elementary Education and has a Masters in Educational Leadership.

Saturday Sunday School Preview w/Pastor T.R. Bias

Welcome to Tabernacle’s “Beyond the Podium, Blessed Bible Book” Presentation of Saturday's Sunday School Preview—where we take an ''at times'' provocative and in-depth look at tomorrow's general Sunday School Lesson. Listen in on this engaging, thought provoking, interesting, spiritually stimulating and growth promoting dialog. Tomorrow, you will be ready for Sunday School. Join National Church Pastor Bias and the regular panelists, along with guests on Sunday School teachers. We go beyond mere facts. We seek to understand, apply, analyze, synthesize, while remaining biblically sound.

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