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Greetings in the Name of Christ, Jesus,

I am blessed to celebrate my resent retirement from the Clark County School District as a school administrator. During my time in public education, the Lord has blessed me to receive a few notable accolades. Most notably, prior to becoming an administrator, is my favorite ''New Teacher of the Year.'' But even greater, the Lord had put me in the lives of young people who were in need of prayer and compassion. Oh yes, I've had to be tough at times, but never would my love for the students wane. God is great!

In 1980, I was called to the gospel ministry. The Lord sent me to Okinawa, Japan, where I met Bishop Archie Buchannan. During my years in Japan, I was licensed, ordained and served as aid to the Jurisdictional Bishop of Japan (C.O.G.I.C.). In 1983, I returned to the Continental United States where I was stationed in Twenty-nine Palms, California. There, my wife, Loretta, and I began the first Holy Tabernacle Outreach Ministry. After active military service, our young family moved back to Las Vegas, NV. In 1992, the ministry was incorporated in the State of Nevada. Much has happened since those early days. Regardless, Holy Tabernacle Outreach has endured by the grace of God.

In the interirm, Loretta and I have earned Baccalaureates and Masters Degrees in Elementary Education and Educational Leadership respectively. Ultimately, we desire to open an educational facility where we can meet both the educational as well as spiritual needs of young people. As a training facility for prospective license clergy and missionaries, we want the Lord to use our combined thirty-eight years of ministerial and thirty-four years of educational experiences as a blessing to pre-service ministers, elders, pastors and other licensed positions.

We are a authorized licensing agent within the body of Christ and we will train, as well as provide the opportunities for men and women to grow and work within their callings. Our licensed candidate classes are filled with hands-on experience in practical ministry, church finances, and general church leadership that each pre-service minister, missionary, or layperson must have. Let's be honest, it is difficult to acquire real, practical and continuous experiences at many of today's ministries. Contact the Tabernacle and ''grow in grace...''

It is a pleasure to be in a situation where I am able to focus my full attention and energy on the work of the Lord, it is a great honor! I assure you, as much as I enjoyed being a classroom teacher and administrator, nothing can surpass the joy of serving God and ministering to the needs of His people. Are you answering your call to Christ? If you are not sure, we have the answer at the Tabernacle.

Good bless you,

Supt. Terry Criner,

Bishop Elect/ Founder

1-888-523-HTOM (4866)

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